They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing.

I think this is going to be my controversial post yet, because it is about that dangerous four letter word p-o-r-n. Most people if not ALL have seen pornography, and plenty of people watch it on a regular basis. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with porn. We all have sex…period. Some people do not mind faking it on camera, and I am not going to judge them for it. I am an incredibly flawed human being, and because of it I try not to judge others. There are plenty of porn stars who are articulate, nice people that have caring hearts. Who are you to judge? For you too are a sinner.

Americans are sex obsessed, because we live in a capitalistic culture that constantly sells us sex, but then shuns us for doing it. WTF? I do understand that there are issues with pornography, and I do not agree with everything the industry sells. I am against over sexualizing young girls, but you know who else does this? The media. Yep. When Britney Spears first came onto the scene (no pun intended 🙂 she was sold as an underage teen sex pot. She was seen posing in raunchy positions under the age of 18. The same goes for Christina Aguilera who also sold sex to young girls at a young age. Porn is sex, and at least it is straight forward about it. The shampoo companies that have the sexy model orgasming in the elevator (Herbal Essences- it was an older commercial probably 2000) are being rather sneaky, because you think they are selling you a bottle of shampoo, but they are selling you so much more than that. They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing. 

 I have more respect for porn stars than farmers. I know I am so weird, I am on a whole new level of crazy ass liberal. I think porn is a job, a controversial one that is often seen as degrading but it is still a job, and in my eyes they aren’t killing anyone. 

Do some people have issues with porn? um yes, the ones that see it as real sex do! It is seriously another form of entertainment; it isn’t real sex. It is just a fantasy!

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