8 Things I Hate

#1. When people take too fucking long in the self check out.

#2. When you have park a mile away because there is no street parking.

#3. When people bitch for no reason like I am doing now.

#4. When people call you to tell you something that could have easily been texted or messaged on Facebook.

#5. When guys try and insult their way into your pants…it doesnt work dumb fucks.

#6. The fact that my generation removed romance out of sex and made it all about fucking to stop them from having emotions.

#7.Guys that think cute girls have it easier than them.

#8. When companies blow up my email with 20 billion ads a day.

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The Crazy Girl That Dropped 30k To Look Like Kim K

Claire Leeson, a British girl is making national headlines, because she dropped 30k to look like her idol, Kim K. Most people believe Claire is insecure, crazy and may need psychological help more than anything, and while I do agree she definitely needs therapy to deal with her insecurities, Kim Kardashian is just as insane. 

Kim Kardashian and her reps can deny this all they want, but let’s face the facts, she has an entourage of professional stylists, makeup artists and hair stylists making her look like Kim K. She also has a plastic surgeon she has paid thousands of dollars to achieve that flawless face. In a way I cannot blame Kim for being so vain, her looks are her money maker, and were her key to fame. As we all know, looks tend to fade. Her money maker will eventually be destroyed by time; she is not getting any younger. Plastic surgery and expensive facials will not keep her famous looks forever. I hope she can come to an understanding that looks are not everything, and perhaps she can let her fans know this as well. 

As for Claire, she feels confident when she gets Kimified, because she probably feels like she becomes her. She plays a character and that girl that was once bullied takes a hike for a while. Claire’s fantasy helps her escape her own reality, and we all cannot deny that we partake in activities that help us escape. If anything I feel sorry for this girl, and hope she learns to love Claire, and stops trying to gain approval by being a faux Kim Kardashian.

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You Spit Your GUM On The Floor a Foot Away From a Garbage Can YOU SUCK!

I am kind of an asshole, and as a proud asshole, over the years, I developed a variety of pet peeves. These actions, words, and motives drive me CRAZY!

1. People that look over my shoulder while I am on my phone and read my text messages. If you are going to be a nosy bitch, at least be discrete about it.

2. Hypocrites. Oh dear God fucking HYPOCRITES. Please do not ostracize someone for doing the same thing you did an hour ago, you do not look mature, or like you are giving awesome advice. You look like a foolish dipshit,

3. Pretend friends. These people mask themselves as your friend, however they have an ulterior  motive. Typically they simply want to use you for something, or to get to someone. If you think you have any of these in your life please do yourself a huge favor, and chuck them to the curb. You do not need these kinds of people in your life.

4. People that spit their gum out right near a damn trash can. Are you seriously that lazy?

5. People that want to live through their spouse’s success. Whether you like it or not, your spouse’s success does not belong to you, perhaps you should go out into the world and find your own.

What are some of your pet peeves???? COMMENT!! The 2nd episode of Snarky TV will be about Pet Peeves, and will be shot on a brand new camera! 🙂 I hope you enjoy it.