Pointless Controversy

Many of you may know, the VMAS were on last night. The show was filled with bullshit, attention whores and more bullshit, because MTV has become a network that exploits trash. The VMAs are no longer about music and art. It has become a show dedicated to celebrities causing pointless controversy. Don’t get me wrong, I love controversy, and I understand from a marketing perspective that it keeps stars relevant. I just cannot stand it when they cause controversy just to get their name in headlines. Use controversy to make a statement.

Nobody did controversy better than Madonna, and Miley Cyrus and her revealing outfits are nothing more than a cry for attention. They’re just tits Miley chill out. Madonna’s Like a Virgin VMA performance helped jump start her career, and inspired other artists like Britney Spears to also raise eyebrows during her VMA performances. Remember when Spears ripped off her suit to reveal a flesh colored bra, pants and her thong popping out? It enraged parents across America, including my own mother, but she was trying to reveal to the world she was no longer a little girl, and while Cyrus is trying to convey the same message, she does it in a completely different way. She goes over the top, and she really doesn’t need to. I think it is great when women express their sexuality, but there is a sexy way to do it, and then there’s the trashy way, and I think she always goes for the trashy way, because it’s easy. My generation loves easy. We want what we want and we want it now.

It was Britney Spears's second time at the VMAS--she'd debuted the previous year, singing a relatively tame version of her first single, "... Baby One More Time." But in 2000, she stepped up and changed the game, opening with a cover of the Rolling Stones' "Satisfaction" (which she performed while dressed in a menswear-style pinstriped suit), before segueing into her hit "Oops! ...I Did It Again," and tearing off her shirt, jacket and pants to reveal a surprising nude-tone two-piece bodysuit.

Kanye West’s overdrawn out speech was a total publicity stunt, and Taylor Swift’s performance with the most talented woman in the entertainment industry Nicki Minaj was a complete joke. Where has the talent gone? Where is the substance? True artists make statements, they aren’t looking to be hash tagged just for the fuck of getting attention. Thoughts?


Are They Really THAT Talented?

Everybody seems to adore Queen B, and by the queen I mean Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce! She is beautiful, a wonderful performer, and has sold millions of records. Not to mention she me makes up half of one of the “it” power couples in Tinseltown, but is she really that talented? She does not write her own lyrics; she does not play any instruments, and her acting ability is okay. I am not implying she lacks talent, but what I am stating is….she really that talented? 

Britney Spears has been famous since I was 10!!!!!! She has sold out tours, been the primary subject for media outlets on a regular basis, acquired a huge fan  base that continues to support her, and sold millions of records, but is she really that talented? In my opinion, Ms. Spears is the product of excellent marketing, and pure luck, because when Ms. Baby One More Time stepped onto the music scene, there was no female competition. She paved the way for a new era of bubble gum pop female singers, and the marketing geniuses behind Jive knew that selling her as an innocent sex kitten would help cultivate a pop sensation, and it worked! She had that innocent girl next door face on a perfectly sculpted sexy body, and she could shake her ass. Back in the day, Spears could put on a performance, but her voice has always been so, so…and she also does not write her own lyrics, or play any instruments, or act well, or write, or choreograph her own dance moves, so again is she really that talented?

I love Madonna, because she is a tough bitch who knew exactly what she wanted, and went out and achieved it, but again..is she really that talented? Her voice is okay..have you listened to any of her performances from her Blonde Ambition tour? I think Madonna is a trendsetter, and knew how to use controversy and sex to keep herself relevant. She also has a great “image” which I am sure was created by her record label, and producers. Her image is constantly being redone, and this is a great move, because it maintains the brand and fame. Madonna could never let go of her fame; it is like her child.

What do you think…are they really that talented? Comments are always appreciated 🙂 & tell me an artist you think is DEFINITELY talented!



They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing.

I think this is going to be my controversial post yet, because it is about that dangerous four letter word p-o-r-n. Most people if not ALL have seen pornography, and plenty of people watch it on a regular basis. Personally, I do not think there is anything wrong with porn. We all have sex…period. Some people do not mind faking it on camera, and I am not going to judge them for it. I am an incredibly flawed human being, and because of it I try not to judge others. There are plenty of porn stars who are articulate, nice people that have caring hearts. Who are you to judge? For you too are a sinner.

Americans are sex obsessed, because we live in a capitalistic culture that constantly sells us sex, but then shuns us for doing it. WTF? I do understand that there are issues with pornography, and I do not agree with everything the industry sells. I am against over sexualizing young girls, but you know who else does this? The media. Yep. When Britney Spears first came onto the scene (no pun intended 🙂 she was sold as an underage teen sex pot. She was seen posing in raunchy positions under the age of 18. The same goes for Christina Aguilera who also sold sex to young girls at a young age. Porn is sex, and at least it is straight forward about it. The shampoo companies that have the sexy model orgasming in the elevator (Herbal Essences- it was an older commercial probably 2000) are being rather sneaky, because you think they are selling you a bottle of shampoo, but they are selling you so much more than that. They are selling you sex, and you keep on purchasing. 

 I have more respect for porn stars than farmers. I know I am so weird, I am on a whole new level of crazy ass liberal. I think porn is a job, a controversial one that is often seen as degrading but it is still a job, and in my eyes they aren’t killing anyone. 

Do some people have issues with porn? um yes, the ones that see it as real sex do! It is seriously another form of entertainment; it isn’t real sex. It is just a fantasy!

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I love music. I was pretty much born with a cassette tape coming out of my mouth. I remember being two years old sitting down and watching Madonna’s Express Yourself  & Paula Abdul’s totally lame video, Opposites Attract. Here is a list of some horrible, but good tunes you can listen to start off your day on the snarky side of the bed!




4. Salt-N-Pepa Push It

5. Toni Basil- Mickey

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3E-Zrg9CB_Q **FUN FACT TONI WAS ALMOST 40 IN THIS VIDEO**

6. Britney Spears- Baby One More Time ***the video that launched a pop icon’s career***

OMG I Am Officially A GLEEK!

I have to be honest here, before I could not get myself to sit and watch an episode of the FOX hit show Glee, because to me it looked like a bunch of drama kids that annoyed me in high school bopping around to Britney Spears songs, and sabotaging classic bands like Journey. The other night I decided to give the show a chance and watched two episodes on Netflix, I now understand the obsession teenagers have with this show. Ryan Murphy is a genius, the show tackles sensitive topics such as homosexuality, teen pregnancy, and bullying. It does this by entertaining you, rather than lecturing you, making you feel like you are in a Psychology course. 

The cast is also VERY diverse in terms of looks, race, and personality. There is a character you can relate to, for me its Santana, like me is rather sarcastic, snippy, however beneath that lays a heart of gold. The first episode I watched was the one in which they performed Born This Way, it was about loving yourself, and embracing your flaws, because our flaws are part of what makes us unique. In the beginning of the episode, Rachel is knocked in the face by Finn causing her to suffer a broken nose, the doctor tells her she should consider getting a nose job, if she wants to succeed as an actress. The members of the Glee club tell her that is a stupid idea, after she shows them a photograph of what she would look like with a better nose, they explain to her how it does not even look like her! At the end of the episode the cast sings Born This Way, wearing t-shirts with a word or phrase with the one thing they are embarrassed about. I love the message this episode is conveying, love yourself, have self love and embrace what is different about yourself, even if it is deemed “ugly” according to societies standards. 

I think Ryan Murphy is a very talented individual, and is sending wonderful messages to our youth. Remember you were born this way baby!