Tits, Boobs, Knockers, Boobies

Americans are completely obsessed with two balls of fat. Marketers use balls of fat to sell stuff like beer, shampoo, food, basically anything you can possibly think of! Why the fuck are we so obsessed with tits? I really don’t get it! Why are they so appealing? Can someone pretty please answer this question? Why are they still taboo? It’s 2015, and if you see a girls breasts in a movie jaws still drop! They’re just another part of the female body, there is nothing raunchy, or provocative about them. Sometimes I think I was born and raised in the WRONG country, because I don’t find anything related to sex as dirty, or offensive. I think many Americans are still prude, and ashamed of their sexuality and bodies. Thats my two sense today before I get ready to peace out for a long ass day!