My friend offered me some valuable advice, she told me when miserable people try and tear you down ignore them, don’t fight with them, because the second you give in they win.

Some people are unhappy with their lives, and in order to make themselves feel better they try and attack others. I am getting at a point in my life where I choose to not give a fuck about these people, and their bitter attacks leave them #blocked. If you message me on any social media site attacking the way I live, or picking apart my personality when your advice was not asked, I am going to block you. I find it annoying when broken people try to take shots at me, because I am so put together. I live my life the way I want to, and I am happy. I live where I want to, because it makes me happy…got it? I wasn’t put on this earth to be “normal”, and that is okay. I don’t bash other peoples lifestyle, goals, or desires, because I have no business doing so.

You know who likes to take digs at me the most? Broken men I rejected. I am not obligated to sleep with every guy that wants to sleep with me. I am not obligated to date every guy that wants to date me. I am not obligated to be emotionally interested in every guy that is emotionally interested in me. I have been rejected too, and I don’t whine like a little baby, or attack the guy that didn’t like me. I get over it and move on, because everyone has been in that situation before.


Bitter Bitches

Everyone gets angry, or annoyed, and occasionally, we are guilty of saying something negative about someone else. We are all human, therefore, we are flawed creatures who say stupid shit from time to time, because it was imbedded into our DNA. There are some females who are just plain bitter, and this is why I have dubbed them bitter bitches. Some females are angry, and mean, and talk a lot of shit for no apparent reason other than they are insecure, and bitter :/. How do you know if you’re a bitter bitch?


1. You’re always putting other females down. You put down their hair, body, face, whatever, because you’re bitter that female has something you don’t.

2. You find the negative in every situation.

3. You’re never happy, or satisfied.

4. You’re jealous towards your own friends.

5. Guys run from you, because they know you’re crazy.

6. You complain about everything.

7. Your rain on others parades.



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