Random Tuesday Thoughts

If I could play any celebrity in words with friends it would be Nicki Minaj.

I love Costco, but I hate waiting.

I love water, but I hate peeing.

I love carrot juice, but I fear turning into a carrot.

I hate soda.

Smoking can look glamorous but it isn’t worth premature aging.

Vanity is my favorite sin.

I also like gluttony, lust, pride, sloth, envy and wrath.

I am spiritual but not very religious.

I don’t mind religious people though, but I don’t mind atheists either.

I don’t see black or white, and grey is boring so I don’t see that either.

I like makeup, but my hair is always a hot mess.

I find it ironic we always sell sex, but never focus on monogamy.

Daughters and sons should be treated equally.

A lot of feminists annoy me. They overthink stuff and try to argue.

We are all sinners, even saints.

I cannot use commas properly.

My grammar sucks.

Math has always been my worst subject.

I have a creative mind, and I don’t get along with math.

I am an air head, a ding bat, but I’m brilliant in my own way.

I am vulnerable, and it makes me appealing.

I am attracted to broken, insecure men.

Most people stop chasing their dreams because some bitter person failed at theirs and told them they’d never make it. Let the bitter be bitter.




#TBT Fuck Beauty


I was a realllyyyyyyy cute kid, and because of it, I was able to raise havoc and get away with it. Cute kids can pull stunts like that, but it wasn’t my cuteness that people around me focused on, it was my brains. I was always really bright, and incredibly creative, and I still am.

I am alittle sick and tired of blogs, memes, billboards, ads, magazines, etc trying to portray this “we are all beautiful bullshit”, no matter your size, age, color, height, gender, you get it, because it’s bullshit. I want to make a gigantic billboard that says “No matter what you look like you will get old, and ugly” end of story. Why can’t we focus on stuff that actually matters? Cindy Crawford was a super model in the 90s, she looks old, wrinkly, and ugly to me…her looks faded, just like every other pretty girl’s will. They don’t last forever. So, why can’t we focus on stuff that actually matters? Why not teach people that being genuine, is a whole lot cooler than being pretty, and being witty will actually get you farther than pretty. It will also attract people who GENUINELY give a flying fuck about you. Pretty people get used, that’s  one of the reasons why so many of them are screwed up in the head. They are constantly being judged.

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Defending Photoshop In Advertising

I get it. You get it. America gets it. Companies photoshop their models. Here’s the deal, EVERYONE has IMPERFECTIONS, and models are no exceptions. They have “ugly” lines on their faces, under eye circles, acne, big pores (you get the idea), and with the help of a magical wand they are instantly transformed into something we perceive as perfection. I understand that this can cause people to look at themselves and think they are supposed to look like that model, especially teenage girls, but studies have shown that how YOUR MOTHER perceives HER BODY effects children MUCH more than the media.

Advertising is about appealing to the masses. It’s about getting a large amount of people to buy what they’re selling, and if people saw a photo of a female with larger pores, and acne, they are probably LESS likely to buy, especially with cosmetic companies. I am not implying that having acne makes you anything less, but what I am saying is we live in a society where beauty is used to sell. If you put a girl with a bunch of acne on a billboard advertising a cosmetic product, it might become associated with the product.

I do believe companies should lay off reshaping faces, and significantly altering their bodies, but as far as acne goes, photoshop away. Models and those in the entertainment industry often have bad skin, because they spend countless hours under lights and wear heavy makeup. People need to understand that nobody is perfect, but selling is selling, and if they are deeply offended, perhaps they should see a psychologist. We are a society that is just TOO obsessed with beauty, and body image, go read a fucking book, or learn how to be funny, quit worrying about what a damn ad is telling/selling you.

#WCW Beauty Gurus

I absolutely love watching beauty tutorials on YouTube, and over the years have learned so much about different products and makeup techniques!! Here are this week’s #WCWs!!!

1.Elle Fowler- She is incredibly classy and has a great sense of style! Check out her latest video!


2. Letzmakeup- She offers in depth celebrity makeup tutorials along with hauls and vlogs. Chek out her Cheryl Cole tutorial


3. Iwanted2c1video- I LOVE BETHANY’S videos!! She always uses inexpensive products and she is incredibly talented. Some of her tutorials are great for Halloween!


Defending a Pop Culture Icon

She is as iconic as Marilyn Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Her unrealistic body proportions have raised countless of eyebrows, and her glamorous lifestyle filled with dream houses and expensive sports cars  dubbed her materialistic. She is a plastic doll. She isn’t real, but she has played a substantial role in pop culture history, and a beneficial one indeed, which is why I am going to defend her.

To some Barbie emulates the epitome of western culture standards of beauty, due to her straight blonde hair, big eyes and tiny nose. Her influence has caused some women to undergo thousands of dollars worth of cosmetic surgery in order to achieve her unattainable look. Those women more than likely suffer from body dysmorphic disease, because millions of young girls have owned a Barbie and they’re not running to Dr. 90210 to alter their appearance. I do not believe Barbie plays a vital role in contributing to eating disorders, nor do I think she is the cause for many to suffer from them.

According to Time Magazine, Barbie has been “employed” every year since she made her way onto toy store shelves back in 1959. Some of her professions include doctor, astronaut, and fashion editor. In 2014, Entrepreneur Barbie made its debut, and I think that is fantastic. Throughout her 55 years, Barbie has maintained a relationship, succeeded in numerous careers and won millions of children’s hearts.

Barbie has contributed a positive message to adolescent girls, but unfortunately when people think of the iconic doll, the first thought that comes to mind is her looks. Even though Barbie is just a plastic toy, she suffers from the same problems that other famous icons endured, like Marilyn Monroe, she is remembered mostly for her looks. I believe this is a problem, because it shows how shallow society is. People are so obsessed with the way someone appears or in this case something, they often dismiss other important attributes about them.

Barbie is a representation of a beautiful woman, but she also represents independence. She sends some great messages about achieving career goals, imagination and dreaming big. Her latest campaign is called #unapologetic and it is all about not apologizing for being who you are. Nobody should ever feel the need to apologize for being who they are, unless they are murderers or animal abusers.

“REAL” Women Do Not Sell

I know I am going to get a significant amount of slack for this post, because my opinion can be deemed “offensive”, anti-feminist, and down right cold, but I honestly do not give a fuck..I am unapologetic about my unconventional views. So…are you ready?

 I frequently see videos of people trying to explain how models, and women that meet societies standards of beauty are enhanced by photoshop . WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE! No duh??? Really??? So, 50 year old actresses really do have wrinkles, and gorgeous super models have acne scars..and Kim Kardashian has cellulite? I am SHOCKED. No really people, I am sure that if you were famous and had millions of people staring at your images, you would not mind a little bit of enhancement here and there. 

I also see people trying to convince advertisers to use “real” women, because “real” women that we see in our everyday lives do not look like the females in ads. Well guess what? When it comes to marketing, “real” is often correlated with “average”, and would you want your product associated with something “average”, if you are smart you would have answered NO! The term average is a big fat gigantic NEGATIVE in marketing. Why? Because you want your product to appear “superior” to others. Plus, if you use average looking everyday women your product will be connected with that, and unfortunately you may see a decrease in revenue. 

The people that are the prime victims of advertisers messages  are young girls, and this is heartbreaking. They are sold the idea that they are nothing more than a toned body, and doll smile. Society as a whole cannot just blame advertisements for teen girls negative body image issues. I said it before and I will say it again, if parents did their damn job, their children would not experience so many problems! The fact that I do not look like a super model does not make me think any less of myself period. I will never be a size 0; oh fucking well. When I was growing up I was complimented more on my intelligence and talents rather than my appearance. Perhaps other parents should do the same. Focus on your daughters talents, intelligence, teach them how to independent, strong and show them that these qualities are far more important than being “pretty”. 

With that being said all you “average” women that complain about not looking like a super model or not have a “skinny” body I do not feel sorry for you, maybe you should focus on your character, or go to the gym a few times a week and quit going to the McDonalds drive through every day. 



Your FAT!

You know that three letter word people often get their panties in a bunch about? NO, I am NOT referring to sex. I am talking about fat. Women around the globe are constantly on a diet, because they look in the mirror and see a fat girl. Do not get me wrong, obesity is a growing epidemic and can perpetuate a number of health problems. The keyword there is health, and the majority of women are not diets for health purposes, their primary motivation is to look better.

This is where the problem arises. I think all women should remove the term FAT from their vocabulary. Never resort to labeling yourself such a repulsive term, because it will only fuel your insecurities. Instead face the problem, and come to terms with the fact that you are over weight and need to shed some pounds. You are still sexy and worthy of people’s respect. Nobody should discriminate against you, or make you feel inferior because of a number on a scale. 

Look in the mirror and pick out what you like about yourself. Then decide upon what you would like to change, and figure out a POSITIVE way to do it. Do not starve yourself, go on some bizarre, wacky, stupid ass diet or attempt to conquer a difficult exercise regime when you can barely do 15 minutes walking on the tread mill. 

You will never look like any other woman, EVER. You are one of a kind; there are no replicas. Isn’t that awesome? Why would you want to look like another woman, when you are amazing? You will never be perfect, because that just does not exist. 

You are already sexy, you only want to lose weight to improve your health, it is not all about appearance. Beauty fades. 

What are your thoughts!