How To Deal With ASSHOLES!

Everyone has dealt with them in one way or another. Some are disguised as genuine people where as others are very straight forward about how horrible they are, but you need to learn how to deal with them. Here is a step by step guide on dealing with assholes.

1. BE EXTREMELY FUCKING NICE TO THEM- Assholes that fuck with you ASSUME you’re going to be a dick right back, instead kill em with kindness, because it makes them look super bad.

2. NEVER EVER PLAY THE VICTIM CARD- It makes you look foolish and weak. Instead show  them how their actions towards you dont mess with your head, because you are so above and beyond that bullshit.

3.  TURN THE OTHER CHEEK- It is incredibly easy to get sassy with people, and angry, but turning the other cheek is the more noble action to do.

4. LET KARMA TAKE OVER-All rotten people get fucked in the end. I truly believe this!

5. DONT TALK BADLY ABOUT THEM- Again this is to be expected, always do the unexpected it pisses people off. 


People Treat You Like DIRT When They No Longer Need You

Roses are red violets are blue be prepared to get treated like shit when people don’t need you!

I seriously HATE PEOPLE! Like I would much rather befriend a room full of mosquitos than a bunch of humans, because at least they’ll straight up bite you, and fuck you over right then and there. No fucking bull shit necessary! 

I hate most people, because they are only nice to you when they need something, but when they no longer need you they treat you like garbage. There is a part of me that wants to scream and cry like some bratty 13 year old girl, but then I know the ultimate revenge against people is simply to give them the cold shoulder and ignore them. Yup. It works like a charm, and I am dead serious, for some reason people go bat shit crazy when you fucking ignore them! Guys especially hate this shit; it drives them insane, and I just adore seeing them crumble. I am royally mad, and because of my anger I decided to be even nicer, YEP, I will NEVER EVER make someone feel as if I only want to talk to them when I need them, because it is a shitty feeling, and I do not wish it upon others. I am secretly a hero disguised as a villain, and I truly only want to spread good in the world. HAPPY HALLOWEEN BITCHES!!!!