Pretty Can’t Be Witty, and Women aren’t Funny

Women aren’t funny- Jerry Lewis


Women are supposed to focus on their looks, because that is the most valuable attribute they have to offer society. Women need to be pretty, not witty, because heterosexual men want a pretty girl, not a smart one…

Pretty girls aren’t funny, or witty. Pretty women only really have one thing going for them…their looks, and once time decides to take them all away..they’ll be left with absolutely nothing.

WRONG. I think Lucille Ball, Sarah Silverman, Chelsea Handler, andĀ Iliza Shlesinger just to name a few are all attractive women that prove (proved) that a woman can be both pretty and witty. I also think Jerry Lewis can kiss my ass, because I’m pretty funny, and I own a vagina.

Who are some of your fav female comics?