The WORST Kind of Bad Guy & Why I forgave him

As I grow and transform into a stronger, happier version of myself, I am learning to forgive the bad people in my life, forgive them, and let em go!

I used to easily get angered, and that’s silly, because it means the person had control over me. It means they had power over me, and that SUCKED! I’m free now though. I cant be angry with them anymore, because it only emotionally dragged me down.

Let’s get into this terrible man…..

He was emotionally abusive to me, and made negative remarks about my body, and constantly used me for sex and for his emotional crutch. He was a terrible man, and because I was so depressed I continued to allow him to manipulate and use me. But thankfully we had our final fight, and the coward blocked me after I asked him how he’d feel if his daughters brought home someone like him…he called me a psycho and blocked me…then I blocked his email, and phone number. He is GARBAGE and I don’t need him but I FORGIVE HIM! Why? Because most of the people in his life don’t really like him LOL they just tolerate him. He is a mean spirited, hurtful, demeaning asshole who will more than likely die alone. He taught me that having money is quite pointless if you have nobody to share it with, and you’re alone most of the time. He is nothing but a crazy, narcissist who is beyond selfish, but the worst thing about him is the fact that he thinks he’s a good guy LOLLOLLOL. He is literally one of the worst people I have ever met!! He called me a dumbass on numerous occasions, and completely shattered my self esteem for months, but in the end, I am so grateful for him, because he caused me to get into therapy, and I have been feeling WONDERFUL! I am working out more, quit biting my nails, writing better material, and attracting BETTER men! FUCK HIM! He can choke on his money….I only wish people like him the best of luck, because they are so miserable. I only wish him the best, because he’s gonna need it.



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