Never let anyone treat you like you’re disposable.

Never let anyone text you or call you only on their terms.

Never let anyone project their negative thoughts onto you.. you’re amazing and anyone who cant see that can go fuck themselves.

Never let anyone take you for granted.

Never let anyone make you feel like you aren’t pretty, or worthy of a healthy relationship.

Never let anyone make you feel like you are nothing more than a sex object

Never let anyone belittle you because they feel threatened by your intelligence

Never ever accept condescending apologies

Never let anyone take and continue to take from you without ever getting something from them.

Do accept the fact that some people will be jealous of you and their jealousy fuels hate towards you but who cares that jealousy has very little to do with you and everything about their own self image FUCK THAT! Thats on them!















I truly believe you are what you attract. If you’re a kind, good hearted person who has mostly good intentions then you probably attract others who are similar to you. The law of attraction is oh so real. I think at least. Lately, I have been working on myself, and trying to find peace with some stuff that has left a couple of scars, and it feels good. It feels good to forgive. It feels to find humor in negative situations. It feels good to grow. 2018 is coming to an end, and I am grateful for so many things.

#1.) My health.

#2.) My apartment

#3.) I can always eat

#4.) My talent

#5.) I’m magnetic

#6.) My friends

#7.) My comedy continues to get better

#8.) My strength

#9.) My hard work ethic

#10.) My unique comedic voice.

#11.) My brains

#12.) My good heart

#13.) My strong instincts