Comedy’s Most Beloved CUNT!

Everyone pursuing a career in the entertainment industry has goals. Some want to be famous. Some want to influence the world with their art, and others just want to prove that the most horrible people have redeemable personality traits.

I’m three.

I want to be famous too though. I want people to use my face as a target and throw darts at it.


But really. When people start asking me…what’s your comedy goal? I’m gonna start replying..I’m going to become comedy’s most beloved cunt.

So much of stand up comedy is the comic going on stage and cutting themselves down in order to get a room full of strangers to laugh, and thats not my thing. I find it funnier to go on stage and do the opposite. I let people know I’M BETTER THAN THEM! And sometimes I’m so good people BELIEVE I’m really that horrible! They dont get its a character…its pure satire. I’m showing people that even a bitch can be likable. Even a bitch feels pain, and has redeemable personality traits. And the cunt I play is so witty and likable she gets you to laugh at subjects you’re not supposed to laugh at. haha.

I’m the victim in most of my jokes..without ever self deprecating. I nail myself to the cross, but in the process never show any signs of struggle or pain.