I’m sorry but he’s just not that into you

I think we’ve all been in denial about someone we really like. The red flags are right there smack in front of our faces, but we choose to look the other way, because we are wrapped up in our emotions. Love sucks sometimes, because it can be one sided, and sometimes you get burned. Take it from me, I’ve been burned hard. But I saw the fire, and it was really my own silly mistakes, and I think its crucial to take what I have learned, and use it to my advantage. So, here are some signs he’s just not that into you.

#1.) He blows you off for weeks on end, and then returns, and has some batshit crazy excuse as to why he failed to communicate with you. I took care of this guy for an entire week only for him to blow me off for six weeks. He claimed he was so “sick”, he was just now getting back into contact with people. *Sigh*

#2.) He takes hours if not days to text you back. It takes like 5 seconds to text someone. If he doesn’t have time to do this, he’s just not that into you.

#3.) He says stuff like “can’t we just see where this goes”, because he’s just stringing you along until he finds what he wants.

#4.) He treats you like you’re expendable, because that’s exactly what you are to him.

#5.) He says he’s going to do something, and doesn’t follow through.

#6.) He’s verbally abusive to you.

#7.) He’s only dating you because it boosts his self esteem.

#8.) He’s on his cell phone when you’re with him constantly.

#9.) He fights with you when you tell him how you feel about something.

#10.) He doesnt really listen to you.



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