Dear Dumbass

Dear Dumbass,

For a while, I felt destroyed by you, because I really cared about you, and the feeling just wasn’t mutual. It hurts tremendously when you care about someone, are emotionally and physically there for someone, and they blow you off. It hurts when you care about someone, and they take advantage of your kindness. It hurts when you go out of your way for someone, and they do the bare minimum for you on their time.

For a while, I was crazy about you, and honestly I don’t know why. You took me for granted countless times. You treated me like a piece of coal, and I’m a fucking diamond. Yeah, as narcissistic as it sounds I don’t care. Zero fucks given. After spending countless of hours with you, I’ve learned a thing or two about life. Here they are:

#1.) You taught me that someone who isn’t very smart could make a lot of money. Even people who act “dumb” on reality tv shows are usually just playing a part for some quick cash, but you are legitimately DUMB! You can’t even spell loser.

#2.) You made me stronger. You frequently disrespected me, and tried to imply that I’m not good looking. I honestly hope you meant all of the cruel remarks you said, because I want you to think I look like an ugly bridge troll. Your taste in women just isn’t what I think is attractive.

#3.) You taught me how much I desire someone who is deep, and a creative mind. You are quite simple, and the type of humor you like is the type I cannot stand. You are quite boring, with no unique hobbies, or passions. You lack passion, and I need passion.

#4.) You taught me that I need someone who isn’t threatened by me. I need someone who isn’t threatened by the fact that I’m determined, smart, cute, and will speak up about what’s bothering me even if I know it will result in a fight.

#5.) You taught me that when a man says all of the women he has dated are crazy, it says more about HIM then it will ever say about those women. HE’S the problem, guarantee it.

#6.) You taught me to be extra careful about who I spend MY time with. Time is super valuable, and I am no longer going to just spend it on anybody.

#7.) You taught me all about covert narcissism. You my friend are a narcissist. I don’t need those in my life.

Maybe someday, you will learn how to put someone else’s feelings before yours, maybe someday you will think about how your actions affect other people, maybe someday you will learn how to make someone feel good about themselves instead of trying to tear them down, maybe someday you will learn that you’re a terrible liar. Have fun with your waitress, have fun with your “rotation” of women. I hope you get whatever you want in life, since your IQ is 5 you should be able to get whatever you want 🙂

Love Always,


PS karma will always be your enemy until you better yourself


I’m sorry but he’s just not that into you

I think we’ve all been in denial about someone we really like. The red flags are right there smack in front of our faces, but we choose to look the other way, because we are wrapped up in our emotions. Love sucks sometimes, because it can be one sided, and sometimes you get burned. Take it from me, I’ve been burned hard. But I saw the fire, and it was really my own silly mistakes, and I think its crucial to take what I have learned, and use it to my advantage. So, here are some signs he’s just not that into you.

#1.) He blows you off for weeks on end, and then returns, and has some batshit crazy excuse as to why he failed to communicate with you. I took care of this guy for an entire week only for him to blow me off for six weeks. He claimed he was so “sick”, he was just now getting back into contact with people. *Sigh*

#2.) He takes hours if not days to text you back. It takes like 5 seconds to text someone. If he doesn’t have time to do this, he’s just not that into you.

#3.) He says stuff like “can’t we just see where this goes”, because he’s just stringing you along until he finds what he wants.

#4.) He treats you like you’re expendable, because that’s exactly what you are to him.

#5.) He says he’s going to do something, and doesn’t follow through.

#6.) He’s verbally abusive to you.

#7.) He’s only dating you because it boosts his self esteem.

#8.) He’s on his cell phone when you’re with him constantly.

#9.) He fights with you when you tell him how you feel about something.

#10.) He doesnt really listen to you.