My New Years Resolutions….

#1.) Stop being so impulsive & hot headed. Stop & think about what you’re about to do before you do it.

#2.) Listen to what other people say, and try to be less self centered.

#3.) Be nicer to the people who adore you they aren’t gonna be around forever.

#4.) Communicate better in relationships.

#5.) Don’t buy stuff you don’t really need.

#6.) Drink more water.

#7.) Don’t be afraid to tell shitty people to fuck off.

#8.) Own up to the fact that you experience depression spells.

#9.) Stop turning your sadness into anger because you think it makes you feel more powerful. It doesn’t.

#10.) It’s okay to cry & let other people see you cry. I know it embarrasses you but everyone cries.

#11.) Humor is not always the bandage to cover up pain.


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