I Will ALWAYS Fail At Love

I will ALWAYS fail at love, but it’s okay because I WILL WIN at everything else.

I suck at dating LOL. Well for starters I am argumentative, and hate admitting when I am wrong, and this is a huge problem. I was raised in a loud, Italian household where we screamed at each other, and then we were best friends two minutes later. Nobody ever apologized! I expect men to get this, and they don’t ugh. I usually do not fall for any guy I am dating, because my brain, heart and vagina never all agree. Only one man got all three, and eventually the brain was like I’m done next.

I miss this last guy A TON. Like he fucked up a lot of shit, but I did too. I had my faults, and I really, really miss him. I know he hates me now, and I am moving on, but it is hard because I was SOOOO fucking excited about him! I told so many people. I thought I found a treasure. I slept so good with him, he made me laugh, I miss talking to him lol, I feel like a huge loser. I developed feelings so fast; they were better than any stimulant. Sometimes I wish he would call but I know he will not. He thinks it will stroke my ego, asshole. I know I will get over him, and find someone else like I always do, but this one felt special. I haven’t had that feeling in like 8 years lmao. I’m so mad at myself lol I feel out of control. I was going to cook for him. I can barely turn on an oven! I am sad but it is only temporary. I will fail with another one soon LOLLOL.


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