12 Bonehead Moves that will make you lose the girl.

I’ve had some guys do some crazy ass shit to me! Some rude, some so ridiculous they’re hilarious, but ALL of them are worth writing about!

#1.) One guy wrote down a bunch of questions for me and proceeded to read them to me while we were on a date. (This was a first date)

#2.) One guy asked me if I was going to eat all of my sandwich (because he was cheap & didn’t want to pay for one himself) I dumped him right then & there.

#3.) One guy told me my ass was really smooth & he wishes his ass was really smooth.

#4.) One guy didn’t have a bed but he had plenty of weed.

#5.) One guy bragged to me about how he was named after a President.

#6.) One guy was really rude and he looked like a garden gnome. He was obsessed with his weight, and he still was a chunky monkey. He stopped talking to me after I got food poisoning. LOSER.

#7.) One guy was hanging out with me & proceeded to show me some chick he matched with on a dating app, he also did it via Facebook Messenger. We probably could have had a really good relationship, but this move was the first step in the wrong direction, and ultimately he lost the girl.

#8.) One time I asked a guy to say something nice to me & his response was you give good head.

#9.) One guy was never going to be financially stable, and I am sorry but I cant have a long term relationship with a guy who will always be forever broke.

#10.) One guy accused me of cheating every 10 seconds, and would lurk through my instagram like year’s back and screenshot pics and send them to me. Psycho.

#11.) One guy was VERY intimidated by my intelligence & tried to alter who I am on stage, and wrote me jokes that were so terrible they made me want to commit suicide.

#12.) One guy would literally ignore me.



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