That dark ass humor tho.

So, I do mostly one liners, and mostly dark humor. I love dark humor, because I find it really amusing to see people go “oh”, or “aw”..look around the room at other people to see whether or not it is “okay” to laugh. I get off on it. HA HA. Yeah, my jokes are well written, and I look too dumb to understand that what I am saying is so awful, so yes..please laugh.

I grew up in a family that found humor in all dark subjects. My mother and her sister laughed at her Aunt’s funeral because the shoes on the body looked like Dorothy’s from the Wizard of Oz. My grandpa used to tell us crazy stories like how he was on a trolly once turned away and then looked back at the guy next to him and the guys head got cut off because he stuck it out the window & BAAAMMMMM. We cracked up about this. My grandpa told me about how his sister died at 19; she was a dancer, he loved her. The fact that bad shit happens was never ever hidden from me.  But I was taught early on to find the funny in it.


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