Red Flags, YIKES!

I am really good at tons of stuff! One of my biggest talents is being attracted to shitty guys. I have experienced TONS of them, so I can assist you stuff that I believe are considered red flags.

–When I was 19, I went on a  few dates with this garden gnome looking creature. We worked right near each other, and for some reason I liked him. He was like 25. We went to dinner a few times, we played golf, and then had bad sex, because I wasn’t really into him. When my co-worker asked him what he thought about me he said she’s alright. My friend/co-worker (same guy) was like look Jaclyn, you deserve someone who thinks highly of you. You’re so great! I didn’t see this though because I was a chunky monkey with low self esteem who just didn’t understand how great I was. This guy was obviously just a user, loser..who wanted to get laid. Looking back he didn’t deserve me…or anyone as wonderful because he was a tool. His dad paid for all his shit, and I googled his name recently and he got arrested recently for harassing some chick…I SUREEEE know how to pick em!

-When I was 17, I went on a few dates with this loser that worked next door to me. He was 19, and had a really nice body. My friends thought he was a butter face. He had a really nice distinct smell, and was an incredible kisser. Like I saw fireworks. He really knew what the fuck he was doing, looking back he was very advanced for that age, because I’ve kissed a ton of guys and he is still probably in the top 5 of steamy make out sessions. Anyways, the boy was a disrespectful asshole. I remember I had heels on when we went out and he was like you walk so fucking slow! Then in the car he told me I wasn’t too bright…….my friend Nate was like that guy is a disrespectful dick. I didn’t see it though because I was so insecure. He was better looking than me, and he liked me.. Looking back, that guy wasn’t even that good looking he had ugly eyebrows, and I wouldn’t give him a double take now. I’m too hot for him, he can go fuck himself.

-The Jealous Type- one guy I dated was so fucking JEALOUS! Lurking through my Instagram pics, accusing me of cheating every 15 seconds, and questioning why I was wearing lipstick! He also read my texts and made comments about them. A jealous type is just really insecure, and I cant date any insecure men. They’re a waste of my time, and energy, RED FUCKING FLAG!

-The I am just settling for you guy- if a guy makes you feel as if he is settling for you and you aren’t what he desires or wants then he is right & its a BIG RED FLAG. If you want to waste hours on nothing knock yourself out but in my opinion this type of dude is a waste of time.

-The I’m intimidated by you because you’re pretty, funny and smart and might leave me at any given moment. These types will just have sex with you, because they are too afraid to love you. They will always have relationships with women who are less attractive, and less intelligent, and then drunk text you because that girl doesn’t fulfill them. BLOCK THEM!


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