People that dont go away.

*Rolls Eyes*

I don’t know about you, but I personally have had people that I kicked out of my life try to come back in. Some people have problems taking a hint. I am not a very forgiving person. Is it a flaw? Yes. If I break up with you, or end a friendship, or end any relationship for that matter..its a done deal. I will probably never let you back into my life.

Cases in Point:

About two years ago, I ended a friendship with this girl, we can call her Elizabeth. She was a really shitty person that made bad choices ALL the fucking time. She got pregnant by like 10 different guys, couldn’t hold a job, and was an all around emotional train wreck. I am NOT trying to JUDGE her but this type of behavior really started to negatively impact me. She would CONSTANTLY blow up my phone, and I was always vey kind, sincere and patient and helped her. One day she busted my chops and I blew up at her said some mean shit, and then blocked her. I knew then I couldn’t have someone like her in my life anymore. Ever since I kicked her out of my life, I am so much happier, and more successful. I focus more on what I want to do, and managed to find friends who are much more driven, career focused and supportive. I remember one time I was bitching to her about my co-workers, and she said she didn’t want to hear anything negative, go drink TEA! Every so often…she tries to send me direct messages, and I just block them. I have zero interest in giving her my friendship. She doesn’t deserve it.

I remember I dumped my first boyfriend because he was rude and disrespectful. Afterwards, he would try and insult me to get me to talk to him again. I remember he asked my sister if I was still crazy. His tactic failed to succeed.

I’ve had one night stands try and text me afterwards to see me again. They don’t call it a one night stand for nothing 🙂

Sometimes people have a tough time letting go, but that really isn’t my problem. Its THEIR problem.



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