How to spot a “man”

*Please excuse my sarcasm*

So, most little boys eventually grow up, and become men. I mean that’s what’s supposed to happen, right? They are babies, start walking, hit puberty, start ejaculating, and then eventually they become “men”. Unfortunately, a lot of these boys only physically become men, and they stop emotionally growing when they are teenagers. So, I have constructed a great list for you on how to spot a “man”.

#1.) They don’t have the balls to tell you they don’t like you. Instead, they blow you off, or just stop replying to your texts. You know who does this? TEENAGERS! Teen boys who cannot tell you they don’t like you, OR guys that are seeing like 20 different chicks, and just want to string you along.

#2.) I dumped my last boyfriend…straight to his face. I told him how I felt straight to his face, no bullshit. Then afterwards, he tells me he is going to the bathroom and never came back LMFAO. He sent me a text message saying have a nice life. I thought it was hilarious.

#3.) He complains that you don’t like his posts on social media. LOL.

#4.) He reads your texts and make comments about them, and constantly accuses you of cheating.

#5.) He tells you what you want to hear instead of what he actually feels.

#6.) A guy that tells you he will never “disrespect” you, and then totally ignores you. I’m sorry but I am pretty sure ignoring someone, and blowing them off is disrespectful, but maybe I’m a martian or something.






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