Beauty & The Beast is blahed up.

I find the flaws in everything. You show me the perfect house with the cleanest white picket fence, and I will find the one cracked paint chip at the bottom of the fence that leads into the dirt. Mhm. I bleed cynicism.

But anyone with a quarter of a brain could easily pinpoint how flawed this “fairytale” is. On the surface it tries to convey this message of how beauty comes from within, and that is all fine and dandy but it does a really shitty job at doing that. Ugh.

First of all, the spoiled Prince gets a knock on his door in the middle night; he opens it and here is  this haggard looking woman who offers a rose to him in exchange for a place to sleep that night, because it was freezing cold. He tells her no, because he is repulsed by her appearance, and she tells him but beauty comes from within, he still says no, and poof she turns hot, and then he wants to apologize, typical dude, right? Well, she sees he is full of shit, and casts a spell on him which turns him into a beast, and all the castle workers into dishes, and candles.

Um, if some weirdo knocked on my door in the middle of the night, and offered me a rose, I would slam the door in their face. Unless that weirdo was a dog.

Anyways, Bell is this really intelligent female character who also happens to be beautiful, which is really refreshing. She breaks a stereotype, cool. Bell falls in love with the beast who screams at her, throws stuff at her, and basically keeps her hostage. This shows that a woman who seems to have it all on the surface could be a complete screwball underneath.

At the end of the movie, the spell is broken, because she fell in love with him. This is total bs. She changed him, and no girl, or guy should have to change a crazy ass beast into a “good guy”. You shouldn’t accept their inappropriate behavior, or feel obligated to fix them. Thoughts?

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