Why I Choose Dark Comedy.

I do a lot of dark jokes. I talk about shootings, murder, eating disorders, making the little mermaid shut the fuck up, and end on a suicide joke. Some people may get offended, or think it is not okay to discuss these topics in a humorous tone, but I think differently. I think anything is funny as long as it is written funny. I think it is important for people to see the light inside of the darkness.

I am not saying suicide isΒ funny. I am saying you can find humor within it.

My suicide joke “If I was going to commit suicide I would never blow my brains out, I am not going to ruin my makeup” Mostly women laugh at this one. “Anytime I hear about a shooting my initial reaction is always how come they never happen at the DMV?”

I love dark humor. It is challenging but it makes people think. I am not going to give anyone a cheap, easy laugh.


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