2016- Full of Snark

Good Morning Assholes,

Today is New Years Eve, many of you will be making new years resolutions like promising yourself to lose the 25lbs you have been trying to say goodbye to for the past decade, ditching the spouse in your life that is pointless, or trying to become a “better” individual. I am proud of you!

I must say 2016 was a fantastic year. I made it into my late twenties without murdering anyone. I am getting thinner, and more attractive as I age. In the past three months, I have lost 12lbs, and in 2016 decided to turn into a dark blonde. I really like the transition, because it makes my olive skin tone stand out more, and for some reason I feel like it makes me exude a 1970’s glam look. It is chic without trying too hard. I think true beauty should always seem a bit effortless.

This year was also a fantastic year for me comedically. In 2016, I produced multiple stand up comedy shows, figured out my writing style, and am definitely coming into my own on stage. I found out that audience members do not find me appealing as a character, when they do enjoy my act they respond the best to Jaclyn Passaro. Whenever I excel at anything in my life it is always by being Jaclyn. I also got a great tape of my set which is on youtube!

In 2017, I will be submitting to a few comedy festivals, co-producing a stand up comedy show that will held in a quaint theater in Studio City called Just Comedy and trying to perform as much as I can! It is going to be a great year for me.

Now ladies & gentleman a taste of Snark!



The Prestige, Comedy..Similarities

I do not know how many of you have seen the film, The Prestige, but if you haven’t, you should check it out. It has some incredible actors! Anyways, the film is about two magicians who are constantly competing against one another. One of the magicians has a trick that nobody can seem to figure out…

Magic tricks are broken down into three parts: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fU0uiGAm_SY 

When I was watching this the other night, I instantly saw a huge correlation between magic tricks and writing jokes.

The first part of the joke is called the premise…in magic tricks, it is called the pledge, the comic tells you something ordinary, or believable…I hate mice, or My shoes piss me off…then in the second act the joke starts to turn…the comic takes that ordinary premise, and starts to show the audience something out of the ordinary and if the audience is truly into it they will not even try to predict where you are going with the joke because ultimately they want to be fooled. Of course there is no third act, there is nobody to bring back, but in a nutshell, I saw a few similarities.

xoxoxoxo- Jaclyn

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