11 in the dark thoughts.

#1. I think kissing can be a lot more intimate than sex.

#2. Unforgettable by Nat King Cole is one of my favorite songs.

#3. I really dig astrology, because it is very accurate at explaining my bizarre personality.

#4. I am a very guarded person, and trust hardly anyone.

#5. I have dealt with many emotionally abusive guys that tried to tear me down and make me believe I am so much less than what I really am. They can all go fuck themselves. They had issues with themselves.

#6. I have a bit of a grudge towards cops because two guys I cannot stand from my teenage years became cops.

#7. I have never done a single hard drug.

#8. I didn’t start having sex until I was 19. I wish I would have lost it to my high school boyfriend because it would have hurt much less.

#9. I have 5 tattoos.

#10. When I was sixth grade I convinced my best friend that I was a witch and that I had magical powers. She believed me.

#11. I fucking hate it when people see me cry.

#12. I am terrified of losing my youth.

#13. I think marriage is pointless, however, I can be very monogamous.

#14. I am very driven and get very pissed when people get in my way.

#15. I like watching random documentaries.

#16. Lucille Ball is one of my hero’s because she was stubborn and did everything she wanted to do HER way and succeeded.

#17. People talked to each other when flip phones ruled the world.

#18. I figure out Cosmo was a joke when I was like 20.

#19. I am not a writer, but I am a character.

#20. Dating apps are lame. I like it when a guy asks me out because he knows me.


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