Dear Women, It’s You.!?!

Dear Women,

Stop blaming men for your body image issues.

Of course some men are shallow and gave into this notion that if a woman does not meet certain physical requirements, she is deemed undateable, but at the end of the day I truly believe this is a small percentage of the male population.

MOST men like ALL types of women. The reason being is because there are ALL types of men! We date people we have stuff in common with. We date people we find relatable. We date people we find sexually attractive, and if a guy only fucks girls that measure up to the women he sees on the cover of magazines, he will soon find out that the only sexual contact he will be getting will be from his hands.

So, hey women.

Stop blaming men for your own self deprecation, did you know the Editor in Chief of Vogue magazine is Anna Wintour? AKA a woman. Did you know for about a decade the CEO of Victoria’s Secret was Sharen Jester Turney..AKA a woman? The list can go on but you kinda, sorta, maybe, perhaps, get my point?

I think women are harsher on other women.

I still hear women make comments like “Well her nose is big, she is fat, I’m prettier, she’s not cute, she’s dumb, she’s okay looking, she’s a bitch, he only likes her because her tits are big, she’s a slut, her hair is ugly, her eyes are too big, her nostrils suck, her calves are too muscular……….”

Blah, Blah, Blah

I believe these types of females are easily intimidated and make such remarks to make their “apparent enemy” feel less about themselves, because an insecure women is a whole lot less threatening than a confident one.

I have a lot of male friends, and I honestly don’t hear them bashing women nearly as badly as other women. Of course they may say stuff like “She’s a slut, or she’s fat”, which isn’t nice but thats as far as it goes! They don’t go into detail about what exactly is wrong with their body, or face, etc they just basically say she’s unattractive!

Hey, women.

Be nicer to each other. You need each other.



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I’m kinda like cocaine

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I have always had falling outs with my since elementary school. It might be because I tend to have shitty taste in friends, or because I am constantly changing and if the people around me aren’t I replace them. This usually occurs with female friends. I form emotional bonds better with men. I also feel more comfortable around them.

Anyways, about three months ago I had a falling out with a close friend; we were close for a few years but eventually I grew tired of listening to her bullshit. I helped this girl find jobs, listened to her issues and didn’t get mad when she fucking blew up my phone on a regular basis about stupid shit. Whenever I needed someone to talk to she would respond by saying stuff like “drink tea, or I don’t want to hear anything negative today”. I just got sick of her. She is also one of those people that makes the same mistake all the time then cries about it. Eventually, I told her off. Occasionally she will send me messages on Facebook (even though we are not FB friends) with random thoughts and I respond with one word answers because it is my classy way of saying I don’t fucking care. In her last message she said that I said some really hurtful things but she forgave me. I found this amusing because I was never sorry. Sometimes you have to aim for the heart in order to get bad people out of your life. Sometimes the people closest to you are the ones dragging you down and causing a lot of negativity in your life. I am so much happier now that we are not in communication with one another. I don’t have to listen to annoying bullshit that could easily be prevented had she used half of her brain. I’m too sassy to deal with this.

I am like cocaine people tell me how horrible I am but they always come back for another round. It happens with guys a lot. I hold grudges though…you piss me off really badly I’ll never talk to you again.

Thoughts about shitty friends?