Can Women & Men Just Be “Friends”?

Most people think women and men cannot be friends without there being some sort of sexual tension, or sexual desire from one or both genders, but I disagree. I think men and women can have platonic relationships. I have them. Of course some of my friendships with males have ended abruptly due to the fact that they liked me more than I like them, but whatever, it happens.

I get along better with men. I interact better with men and bond better with men. I can emotionally open up to men more than women. I think it is partially due to the fact that I am vulgar and kind of aggressive for a woman, and that can be seen as intimidating to other women who are more passive.

My best friends since pre-school have usually been male. I remember my first best-friend was Michael; I can recall swinging on swings and his mother removing a splinter from my finger..those were the days. Then throughout elementary my best-friend was Alex, we spent summers together riding bicycles, watching movies and pretending like we had a secret laboratory beneath his house.

The same stuff applies to my adulthood, I always have close male friends I can confide in, and I do believe men tend to be more loyal than women. They’re also more laid back and I rarely fight with them.



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