My Perfect Man

One day I will calm the fuck down and settle down. I promise. It just has to be with a guy I am head over heels in love with and meets my ridiculous expectations because I hate settling. I would rather swallow a screw driver than settle.

I am extremely moody and very independent, therefore, I cannot stand clingy men.

I like the thrill of the chase, but when I am not the one being chased.

Dont chase me, you’ll never get me and if you do I will get away. Go find another kill.

I like men with standards.

I like sexually liberated men. For I am not vanilla.

I cannot stand overly macho men but on the other hand cannot stand overly emotional whiny little bitches.

I cannot stand guys that want to fix me or turn me into some domestic pussy cat. You can’t really turn a tiger into a house cat. You accept it or don’t get with it. Plain and simple.

I barely drink and get annoyed by guys that spend countless hours sucking down booze. I find it rather irritating and for me it  is an enormous sign of insecurity and I cannot stand insecure men.

I am going to be some guys second wife. I have no desire to reproduce. I hate babies.

I also love older men so I will probably end up being wife number 2. I always had a thing for older guys because I find them more alluring and exciting. They are also more experienced and confident.

The second they try and emotionally abuse me, I will get rid of them. Seriously, men that emotionally abuse women deserve a punch in the face from Ronda Rousey.

I lack patience for this and if I see an early sign of it. It is simply “bye Felicia”.




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