Can Women & Men Just Be “Friends”?

Most people think women and men cannot be friends without there being some sort of sexual tension, or sexual desire from one or both genders, but I disagree. I think men and women can have platonic relationships. I have them. Of course some of my friendships with males have ended abruptly due to the fact that they liked me more than I like them, but whatever, it happens.

I get along better with men. I interact better with men and bond better with men. I can emotionally open up to men more than women. I think it is partially due to the fact that I am vulgar and kind of aggressive for a woman, and that can be seen as intimidating to other women who are more passive.

My best friends since pre-school have usually been male. I remember my first best-friend was Michael; I can recall swinging on swings and his mother removing a splinter from my finger..those were the days. Then throughout elementary my best-friend was Alex, we spent summers together riding bicycles, watching movies and pretending like we had a secret laboratory beneath his house.

The same stuff applies to my adulthood, I always have close male friends I can confide in, and I do believe men tend to be more loyal than women. They’re also more laid back and I rarely fight with them.



My Perfect Man

One day I will calm the fuck down and settle down. I promise. It just has to be with a guy I am head over heels in love with and meets my ridiculous expectations because I hate settling. I would rather swallow a screw driver than settle.

I am extremely moody and very independent, therefore, I cannot stand clingy men.

I like the thrill of the chase, but when I am not the one being chased.

Dont chase me, you’ll never get me and if you do I will get away. Go find another kill.

I like men with standards.

I like sexually liberated men. For I am not vanilla.

I cannot stand overly macho men but on the other hand cannot stand overly emotional whiny little bitches.

I cannot stand guys that want to fix me or turn me into some domestic pussy cat. You can’t really turn a tiger into a house cat. You accept it or don’t get with it. Plain and simple.

I barely drink and get annoyed by guys that spend countless hours sucking down booze. I find it rather irritating and for me it  is an enormous sign of insecurity and I cannot stand insecure men.

I am going to be some guys second wife. I have no desire to reproduce. I hate babies.

I also love older men so I will probably end up being wife number 2. I always had a thing for older guys because I find them more alluring and exciting. They are also more experienced and confident.

The second they try and emotionally abuse me, I will get rid of them. Seriously, men that emotionally abuse women deserve a punch in the face from Ronda Rousey.

I lack patience for this and if I see an early sign of it. It is simply “bye Felicia”.



The Porn Obsession

pornhub logo                                                             (Photo credit:

If you’re an adult and have experienced real sex you probably know that the sex you see in porn is completely fake. It is a bit ridiculous.

I understand that it allows people to live out their sexual fantasies without actually “living” them, but the sex that is portrayed on screen is so fabricated that I really cannot fathom how people enjoy it.

From the over the top fake tans to the breast implants larger than my head to the obnoxious screams the second sexual intercourse begins it’s a distorted version of sex. Why the hell do men like this garbage?

Perhaps, their “porn crushes” might resemble someone they have a thing for in real life. Watching a video of some girl that resembles them might tickle their fancy, but I just do not understand why they find this so amusing. It is so lame!

This subject always makes me think of Don Jon because I love that movie ha. Don makes some remark about men that watch porn watch it because they can’t get laid. This is so untrue. I’ve known guys that could snap their fingers and get a girl in bed with them that watch it.


What’s a filter?

Once upon a time my family moved from Long Island, New York to Gilbert, Arizona and everything drastically changed.

For Arizona.

Just kidding.

People in the Southwest are much different than my Italian, Brooklyn parents mostly because too many of them are easily offended and cant really handle the brutal truth. I wasn’t really raised with a filter, I was raised to speak my mind and for those that are offended my what I say I honestly do not care. Here’s a tissue. Perhaps, you just start a gofundme account to buy a backbone.

I get annoyed at people that have issues with the stuff that I say because I really don’t care. I speak my mind and sometimes it’s brutal but why must I say sorry? Usually the rants and complains come from people who take stuff personally, I never really write anything to personally target someone, I’m not a bully.

I am not easily offended, but I am easily annoyed. That is the truth.



To some degree, I am still a feisty teenager and I refuse to let the flame die out. I think being feisty makes me extraordinary and I shouldn’t have to apologize for it. And neither should you.

Why do some people feel the need to tell you how to live your life? When they do this to me it transforms me into a rebelliois teenager that lacks a filter. Don’t tell me how to think or how to live my life because that’s the way you live yours. There is no “right” way to live, so please shut your mouth. We are all unique humans and nobody should feel alienated, or brainwashed into believing the way they are living is incorrect.

The people that tend to do this are usually unhappy. I am not even kidding. So, you’re telling me to live like you but you’re miserable? I guess the saying is true misery needs company and they’re probably lonely. If you’re so lonely find a friend. Please don’t tell the rest of us how to live.