What I learned in 27 Years

This is inspired by Jenna Marbles latest video.

What have I learned in 27 years?

#1. Not everyone dies old. We grow up thinking we are invincible until we are old, and wrinkly, but that isn’t the case. There were kids I went to elementary school with that are no longer with us, and we are still in our 20’s.

#2. Those that get straight A’s in school may also be great at failing in life.

#3. Successful people may not necessarily be the most intelligent, but they are the most hard working, and aren’t afraid of making mistakes.

#4. The pretty, mean girls in high school grow up and get fat.

#5. Men really aren’t shallow.

#6. If you date the same type of person over and over again…you shouldn’t bitch when it doesnt work out.

#7.Trophy wives exist, but they get kicked to the curb when the guy finds a younger, hotter girl that just wants to have fun.

#8. Women cheat too.

#9. Most of the stuff your parents tell you as a kid turns out to be right.

#10. People bullshit…alot.

#11. People are full of excuses.

#12. You need more than money to be rich.

#13. Dogs have better morals than humans.


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