Nicole Arbour “The Fat Shamer”

If you have been absent from social media this week, let me fill you in on some news..Nicole Arbour, YouTube personality, and  comedian created a video about how she felt about fat people, and pissed off the internet. I don’t agree with everything Nicole said, but I do think Nicole is entitled to crack a joke about whatever the fuck she wants to. Comedy is offensive. Comedy is a DEFENSE MECHANISM, perhaps, some fat person made Nicole’s life a living hell at one point, and they inspired her video. When she made fun of Instagram models basically implying they’re gold digging worthless humans, nobody gave a fuck, they laughed, why is poking fun at fat people any different? Joan Rivers said shit that was ten times worse! It really is just humor, people need to lighten up.

While some may perceive her as being a “bully”, I don’t, because she is a COMEDIAN! Lisa Lampenelli made an entire career off insult comedy. Sarah Silverman has also said some offensive remarks, which got her some heat for a few seconds, but she moved on. Comedians are offensive. When you tell a joke there is always a victim. In this case it was fat people, had she made a video about dumb blondes, skinny people, or poking fun at white people, nobody would have blinked an eye!

I am not trying to be insensitive. Personally, I usually don’t insult people through my comedy, typically, I am my own victim, because I believe its important for comedians to use themselves as the punching bag. I do make fun of women though, and how they think with their vaginas.Does that make a horrible human? Ugh.




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