Girls that Never Evolve into Women

I’m not a man basher, because my best-friend has always been male. I open up better to men. I like women too, and have always had female friends as well, but women get angry, and overly sensitive about pointless stuff, and I can’t sit there and always apologize for my crass remarks. This isn’t a blog post about me hating women, because of course I do not have hatred towards my own gender, but it’s just my own personal thoughts about why I believe some girls just don’t evolve.

There is a point in every female’s life when she wakes up and realizes she’s a woman. A woman with a strong character, thoughts, and strength. You realize you’re determined to get what you want out of your life, and that you have goals, and aspirations you’re destined to achieve. I saw this around 21. There are some girls that just don’t get it; they remain childish and foolish, throughout their adult years, and wonder why their lives are so messed up.

Women know when they’re in a relationship with a man. Women know when a man is just out to have a sexual relationship with them. There is a major different between an emotional, sexual relationship, and a flat out sexual one. We all view sex differently. Some women have sex with a man, and are instantly emotionally attached, while others just see it as an experience. When you evolve into a woman you can dictate who wants to just sleep with you, and who wants to date you. Sex is not dating. Just because you’re having sex with someone does not mean you are dating them. Why is this so difficult to comprehend? It is so basic yet females want to complicate stuff. Men are straightforward with THEIR ACTIONS! They let you know how they feel through their actions. If he texts you when its convenient for him, ignores you, only has sex with you, isn’t taking you out, you haven’t met any of his friends, he’s just in it for the sex, you’re not in a relationship! You’re certainly not a woman either, because a woman knows the difference, a woman has been through enough experiences to know this.



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