You’re such a pillowcase

heathers meme

We all know someone that was whacked with the dumb gene, and hey, not everyone can be intelligent, and there are plenty of ways to be intelligent, and this is part of what makes the world go round, but I am not going to get into that today. I am going to write some of the dumbest comments I have ever heard someone say, some of them were written, and others were verbal.

#1. “This guy put the date rape drug in my drink at the bar, but I was kind of happy he picked me, because I was fat”.

#2. “I put mayonnaise in my hair to keep it soft”

#3. “I gained a lot of weight because of my boyfriend”

#4. “Your snotty”

#5. “Your dumb”

#6. “Those that spit up in the air get it right back on them”

#7. “Where yo boyfriend at?” (not kidding someone said this to me the other day I did not jack it from the MAD Tv skit

#8. “Why you so cold”

What are some of yours? I know you have some!



#Omg Astrology!

I am starting to read into astrology, and learning more about the various planets, and signs that construct my personality, and it’s kind of crazy how accurate the information is. It is a bit spooky. I am ALWAYS changing! I am ALWAYS evolving! Everyone changes, but I have the ability to do this at a much faster pace. I also adore change, and must be surrounded by an atmosphere that is frequently changing. I love Los Angeles, because it is crazy, it is madness just like me. Some people are not designed to calm, and domesticated. The more I read, the more I see how it is okay to be an odd woman out. I really enjoy marketing, particularly internet marketing, because it is always changing, it is also incredibly challenging. Anyone else like astrology?