He Appears to be Diggin It But He Just Wants to Hit It.

Heterosexual females, I am your friend.


I am your little Magic 8 ball (remember these assholes) with all of the answers. No, not really, but I always had a lot of male friends, because I bond better with men. They are more straight forward, always down to have a good time, and most men are sugar and no spice. I am going to help you figure out whether the guy you are seeing appears to be digging it but he just wants to hit it.

#1. He doesn’t want you to meet his friends. A dude that just wants to bang you could give a shit about  his buddies opinions, because he just wants your vagina, not your heart.

#2. He doesn’t want to be friends with you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, or Ig (ya get it yet?) If he lies to you about having any of them…its a huge red flag for I just wanna hit it.

#3. He mentioned sex when you first met. Men that dig a chick won’t try and hit it too quick. They have conversations about a variety of topics, and none of them are sexual.

#4. His text messages look something like this “haha” “lol” “cool” its a really simple way to let someone know you’re not that into them.

#5. After you have sex he never texts you first.

#6. He doesn’t ever want to take you out REMEMBER “come over and watch a movie is guy code for come over and fuck me”

#7. He never brings you around family members, because again he doesn’t care what they think of you because he’s not serious about you anyway.

#8. He frequently ignores your texts, but will text you when he’s bored.


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