My Imagination Has Always Been Enough

A couple of months ago, I wrote a post about my childhood best friend that passed away. Last night, I had a dream about him, and in it he was quite serious, and told me not to call him by his first name, because he hated it…wth!?! He was dressed well, and that was the norm for him, he was sophisticated at 7. He had Gucci cologne at 6.

He inspired this blog post, because it made me think of how crazy I was as a kid. I never played with video games, because my imagination was enough. One time I told my best friend in 6th grade that I was a witch, and had powers, my imagination has always been my greatest form of entertainment. I was always told I was going to be a writer…even as far as the first grade. I loved writing weird shit in diaries, and my Mickey Mouse diary, and my mother encouraged the crazy. I am not a good writer, but I can tell a rockin story. I love character development, and helping people escape. I wanted to be a news anchor in college, and one day a Professor told us that the day will come when we make a tough decision, a decision that would ultimately fuck someone over, but be a landmark in our careers, and I knew then I wanted out (I wouldn’t cut it either I still have an accent). I cant hurt people to get ahead, I just cant. Not my style of living. I suck at office politics, because I don’t stab people in the back, or try to get them in trouble, what the hell is the point of that?? I have learned that awesome people do indeed get ahead. Honesty is the best policy. You just have to have faith.




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