Horrible Bosses.

No, I am not talking about the movie where Jennifer Aniston plays a sex crazed dentist. I am talking about the bosses you probably have experienced.

I am 26 going on 27, and I had my first job at 16. I worked at Peter Piper Pizza, fixing the games when they had minor issues, and handing out toys to the spoiled, bratty, children that came in to eat pizza, and get ignored by their snobby parents. I also worked at Ulta, Marshals, and a cafe, throughout my teen years. I liked working at the cafe, because I worked alone, and basically ran the show. Since then, I have worked many retail positions where I was alone, and if something went wrong I had to figure out how to solve the issue.

What makes a horrible boss? For one thing cattiness. I worked at a baby store when I was 18 with a super religious co-worker that liked to take digs at my weight behind my back (I was a fat teenager the truth hurts, but my weight had zero effect on her) flash forward 8 years later, she pops up on my people you may know on Facebook and she looks like your average Walmart customer…karma’s a bitch :). Anyways, my boss there was incredibly catty, I am talking about a 32 year old grown ass woman that would gossip like a 13 year old. You’re the boss…arent you supposed to be the example?

Another characteristic that makes a terrible boss is pointing the fingers at everyone else when something goes wrong, especially when you’re the primary reason shit is going wrong in the first place. Part of setting an example is owning up to your mistakes. We all make them, own up to them.

Not listening. There are some people in this world that can talk, talk, talk, but when it comes down to listening, their ears just don’t exist. If you want to correctly manage people, you need to learn how to pipe the fuck down, and listen to them.

Tell me about one of your horrible bosses….



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