What Social Media Specialists Can Learn From The Don

Everyone’s favorite anti-hero has officially said good-bye, yes, Jon Hamm will no longer be seen playing the character that made him famous. I love Don Draper. He was sexy, witty, intelligent, fantastic at his job, and completely flawed. He was a terrible husband, a bad father, successful, but broken on the inside. On the outside he was a square, but on the inside, he was a damn octagon, and I think viewers appreciated tuning in to someone that wasn’t an ideal image of what the perfect person should be, because despite his character flaws, many fans still loved the Don.We seem to dig imperfections.

Anyways, the Don was a marketing genius, and his ways can assist in making your social media content better.

Everyone seems to think social media is easy, a monkey can do it, all you have to do is post, and boom results happen. It is not that simple, but here are some tips you can learn from the Don.

1. Understand that great social media isn’t easy…remember when Peggy told him “sex sells”, and he responded by explaining to her that people that think like that believe monkeys can do their job? If you want to represent a company correctly, you need excellent posts, you need to figure out how to get peoples attention, what makes them click??

2. “Advertising is based on one thing, happiness”-Don We react to happiness, because we are emotional, and if your posts have the ability to make me feel something, you’re golden. That’s why cats videos, and baby videos always go viral.

3. Any product, or service can be made interesting on social media. People that suck at social media look at boring companies like mechanic shops, or hardware stores as lame, but if you think outside of the box, and figure out a way to appeal to people’s emotions you’re golden. Nobody really cares about Coke, or Pepsi, as Steve Jobs referred to it as “sugar water”, they buy these products, because Pepsi and Coke know how to be emotionally appealing. Pretty much anything that came out of Don’s mouth triggered an emotion. “She’s not married because she’s never been in love, I think I wrote that once to sell nylons” You kinda want to punch him in his face. It worked. You felt something. Your posts, status, tweets, instagram photos, need to make people feel something.

4. Stay true to you and don’t force anything. Don couldn’t roll with the hippies, because, he was a man in a suit that followed societies norms during that time period. Don’t attempt to build relationships via social media that are not natural.

5. Always be innovative. If you cant find sharable content in your industry make your own damn content. Write your own memes, create your own gifs, videos, etc, set the trend don’t always follow. g1387991886437830891.jpg


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