Why Sprint Sucks

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Happy Saturday Folks, even though the name of my blog has the word “snarky” in it, and I often use sarcasm, and make crude, snarky comments in my writing, I am not a negative person, nor do I like to bitch, and complain, because it’s pointless, but this time around I just have to write about a company that has the WORST customer service. I worked in retail for about five years, therefore, I understand how some customers can be. Some are demanding, rude, and inconsiderate, but I am none of these things. I never complain, I am patient, and show up to appointments on time, but you know what I am pretty ticked off, so I am going to share with you all my terrible experiences dealing with Sprint.

The camera on my iPhone is broken, and I need it fixed! I work for some marketing companies on the side, and they require us to snap photos, plus I have a regular job, and attend school on Tuesdays. I am a busy person. Two weeks ago, I made an appointment at a Sprint location to have my camera fixed, and when I arrived at the location magically the fucking thing started working, well I explained to the tech that my camera has not been working, and he said he would take a look at it, and five minutes later he came back, and said it was some part that wasn’t connected correctly, and he fixed it. Now, he did not necessarily say he opened the phone, but in my opinion, that sounds like he implied that he opened my iPhone.

Later in the week, the camera stopped working again, so I made an appointment to have my phone fixed at 10:00am on Saturday, I checked off the tech option on their website, for a different location than the previous one. I show up and I am told the tech does not arrive until 10:30am, however, the guy said he would take a look, so I left my phone with him, and came back at 10:30. The guys tells me couldn’t do anything (I believe he attempted a hard reset, however, I am not 100% positive, but whatever he attempted he claims the phone wouldn’t do it). I left.

Here’s where I went wrong. Sprint changed the rules around so I can upgrade my phone, for $20 a month for two years, this to me is ridiculous, it’s for idiotic dipshits that want the new iPhone 6, but cant pay for their fucking rent. It makes the most sense to wait for your upgrade, and pay half of what you would normally pay. In order for me to obtain a new phone, my current phone has to be working properly, in order for me to get a decent sum. So, one of the employees at the Sprint location I went to on Saturday said she would offer a discount for the newer phone, so I went back there yesterday, but my mistake was I attempted to have my phone fixed again (because I want the phone working properly to trade in), well, I was told by the tech there was nothing he could do because it is internal, and Apple does not allow them to open up iPhones, so I need a new phone (which I can get due to insurance) so I said okay, I will order a new phone. I was told that location is out, they have a monthly budget, so I needed to go to a “corporate” Sprint, and so I did. I waited over an hour at the “corporate” Sprint to be told that in order for me to get a new phone shipped, my phone needs a dialysis run, and they don’t have time to do so tonight, so I need to come back tomorrow. This leads me to believe that the first guy that claims he “fixed the part in my phone” went back there and did jack shit for five minutes and claims he fixed the part, because they are not allowed to open the phones.

In all honesty, I have been to three fucking Sprint locations in the past two weeks, and my issue is not resolved. My Apple warranty is up, otherwise, Apple is the BEST when they cant fix your phone, they give you a new one right than and there boom. They don’t push you along for another  Apple store to deal with you, because they’re too fucking lazy to do their damn job.

I really want to pay the fee to drop Sprint, and go to T-Mobile, because I cannot deal with horrible, horrible customer service like this. It really is a pain in the ass. It is not that difficult to treat people with respect, and fix their fucking issue. Was it really that difficult for them to just order me a new fucking phone???? They could see the camera was not working! I have insurance!

Who else has had issues with Sprint??? Who is your cell carrier, and do you like them???


2 thoughts on “Why Sprint Sucks

  1. SPRINT sucks ass . . . Bastards, Ive been with them for 15 years- screwed me years ago when they were NEXTEL. Loved my BB, but they DO wear out- GOd-damn bastards keep sending me RECONDITIONED shit-now they refer me to “phoneclaim.com”- W T F???????? Must be these pricks are OUT OF BUSINESS- Id recommend that NO ONE pay them any more money………. FUCKS!!!!!!

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