Defending Photoshop In Advertising

I get it. You get it. America gets it. Companies photoshop their models. Here’s the deal, EVERYONE has IMPERFECTIONS, and models are no exceptions. They have “ugly” lines on their faces, under eye circles, acne, big pores (you get the idea), and with the help of a magical wand they are instantly transformed into something we perceive as perfection. I understand that this can cause people to look at themselves and think they are supposed to look like that model, especially teenage girls, but studies have shown that how YOUR MOTHER perceives HER BODY effects children MUCH more than the media.

Advertising is about appealing to the masses. It’s about getting a large amount of people to buy what they’re selling, and if people saw a photo of a female with larger pores, and acne, they are probably LESS likely to buy, especially with cosmetic companies. I am not implying that having acne makes you anything less, but what I am saying is we live in a society where beauty is used to sell. If you put a girl with a bunch of acne on a billboard advertising a cosmetic product, it might become associated with the product.

I do believe companies should lay off reshaping faces, and significantly altering their bodies, but as far as acne goes, photoshop away. Models and those in the entertainment industry often have bad skin, because they spend countless hours under lights and wear heavy makeup. People need to understand that nobody is perfect, but selling is selling, and if they are deeply offended, perhaps they should see a psychologist. We are a society that is just TOO obsessed with beauty, and body image, go read a fucking book, or learn how to be funny, quit worrying about what a damn ad is telling/selling you.


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