Sometimes You’re the Filet Mignon & Sometimes You’re the Cheeseburger

You’re probably thinking….wtf are you talking about, you smoked too much yesterday.

Naw, I actually do not smoke weed, or anything for that matter…sorry to disappoint you.

I am talking about women, and to all you feminists out there that will bitch about how I am about to compare women to meat, click the x on the upper left hand corner, because I have a valid point, and I do not wish to argue with you.

Ladies, sometimes you’re the filet mignon and sometimes you’re the cheeseburger.

The filet mignon represents a chick a guy truly likes. Filet mignon is much harder to get, because it is seen as more desirable, expensive, and not everyone can have it. Its a lot of work to get your hands on a piece of this delicacy, therefore when a guy wants it he will go the extra mile to get it. If a guy really likes you, he will go the extra mile for you. He will make sure he puts you in to his schedule, he will make sure he communicates with you on a regular basis, he will respect you, he will take you out, and last but not least he will not try to sleep with you right away, because he is interested in more than just sex.

The cheeseburger is the chick a guy eats, because he is hungry and needs something to fill him up. The cheeseburger is quick and easy to get, and they’re everywhere. It is much easier for a guy to get his hands on a cheap cheeseburger, and they all eat them. They continue to eat them until they find themselves dining on filet mignon, and then the cheeseburger gets placed in the garbage can.

I think women get confused, and feel like men are misleading them, but that isn’t the case, because men are straightforward with their ACTIONS. Men cannot communicate as well as women, or sometimes they choose not to avoid conflict. They let you know how they feel by their actions. If a guy ignores you, he is ignoring you because he does not give a flying fuck about you. If you’re sleeping with a guy that ignores you, I hate to break it to you, but you’re the cheeseburger. If you’re sleeping with him, and he isn’t taking you out on dates, or showing emotional interest, you’re the cheeseburger. If he isn’t affectionate during sex, you’re the cheeseburger. If he doesn’t want you to stay over after sex, you’re the cheeseburger. If he untags your tags on Facebook, you’re definitely the cheeseburger. If he is hanging out with the other girls, and its all over social media, you’re the cheeseburger.

I think a lot of women are in denial, because they don’t want to believe they’re the cheeseburger, and that’s okay, because every female has been a cheeseburger. If you don’t want to be the cheeseburger then you need to find a guy that wants to date you, and not just bang you. If he is showing signs that he doesn’t care, he legitimately doesn’t care! Guys don’t play games.


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