Signs You’re Dealing With a Total Douche!


If you have a vagina and you’re straight, or if you’re a homosexual male, you probably would like to find a boyfriend, or a nice guy to hangout with and bang. Sometimes finding a nice guy can be quite tricky, because you can easily get seduced by an asshole disguised as a nice guy. Here are some tips on how to tell the difference between a nice guy, and a complete douche bag.

1. Genuine nice guys actually care about listening to you, and they remember shit like what you like to eat, your favorite types of movies; it is pretty freaking awesome, however they are horrible to argue with, because they remember every damn thing you do, and say, because they care.

2. If he is a douche bag, and just using you for your vagina, or your dick, he will not want you on any of his social media sites, because he really has zero interest in communicating with you once he grows tired of your genitals. Sorry folks, the truth hurts.

3. He takes FOREVER to respond to your text messages, or he simply doesn’t respond at all. If he does finally text he will give you some lame ass excuse, and he is doing this just to string you along in case he gets horny. Sorry folks, the truth hurts.

4. He insults you. We all playfully tease each other, at least I do. I always tease guys I am interested in dating, because I find it amusing, and its my way of flirting. I like to test the waters to see if a guy is tough enough to handle me. I love to kid around, and I can dish it and take it, but when a guy says something malicious the douche bag radar signs go off.

5. He blows you off. He makes plans with you and than suddenly he vanishes. He either forgot, or is off with some other chick, or maybe he decided to go lift at the gym. Either way, he doesn’t care about you.

6. You met him on a free online dating site. Look I am not against online dating, and I am well aware that my generation uses the internet as a source for dating, but if you met him on Tinder, POF, or some other free dating site chances are he’s a douche, or he just wants sex. Now, some guys are straightforward and say hey I only want to bang you, or something of that nature, he is not a douche because he is being honest with you. I have known of people getting married because of an online site, but they were paid.



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