So You Don’t Wanna Be in the Friendzone

So, you do not want to be in the zone…the friend zone that is, well I am going to tell you a thing or two about avoiding it.

Heterosexual males reading this, if you are romantically interested in a female, please do yourself a favor and FUCKING TELL HER! If you don’t want to be in the friend zone then do not go there period, end of story. If you meet a girl, and you start hanging out as “friends”, but you want to date her, then be straight forward with her, and tell her! Girls are not mind readers, we don’t know what you’re thinking, so save yourself a headache, and tell her how you feel. If she doesn’t feel the same way brush it off and find someone else, there are other fish in the sea, and every male in the world has been rejected…ALL of them! To make it easier on you…here is a list of signs that she is TOTALLY into you.

1. She opens up to you about sex. I am sure you have heard before that when you say something to someone they start to visualize it in their heads, and if she’s mentioning sex she’s probably into you bro.

2. She hints she finds you attractive.

3. She comments on your social media posts ALOT. Like every damn time you post.

4. She takes the initiative to text you first to hang out.



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