Don’t Bullshit.

We all have egos. They may not be as gigantic as Kanye West, or Kim Kardashian, but they exist. We have this natural desire to succeed, and look a certain way to our peers, because to some degree we are victims of our own vanity. We want to be loved and accepted, because humans are social beings, but some of us go too far in order to achieve validation, and look better than others. Some us do something call bullshit. Many bullshitters are not bad people, they are simply insecure. Normally, I can sense when someone is bullshitting me, and for the most part I play the dumb card, and act like I believe them, because I find a lot of bullshitters to be entertaining. I think it is super funny when someone bullshits me, because they want to look better than me, and use it as an attempt to bring me down. Here are some reasons you should not live your life bullshitting people! 🙂

  1. The truth ALWAYS comes out. You can only lie for so long before the bullshit hits the fan, and when it does it smells HORRIBLE.
  2. People are not as dumb as you think they are. They could be fucking with you like me.
  3. You will attract fake people. You attract what you put out into the world.
  4. You will lose good people in your life, because they will get tired of dealing with you.
  5. Eventually you will have no social life, because who the fuck wants to hang out with someone that wants to out do you, or puts you down to bring themselves up, or lies about things like how much money they’re making, how much they have, or what they are doing with their lives.

Give me a time when someone bullshitted you and it got right back in their face!


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