MCM’S Talented Actors!!

This week’s MCMS are dedicated to a bunch of very talented actors!

1. Colin Hanks- He has appeared on television shows such as Bad Teacher, NCIS, and Fargo. His next project to be released is Elvis & Nixon.

Colin Hanks

#2. Daniel Franzese- Sure, you may know him as Damien from Mean Girls, but he is so much more than that! He is insanely funny, and talented. He had a YouTube video Shit Italian Moms Say go viral, and he is currently on HBO’s show Looking.

Daniel Franzese

#3 Dylan McDermott is probably the sexiest man on television. He has one hefty resume; he has been on television shows like American Horror Story, The Practice and Hostages.

dylan mcdermott

#4 Nicholas Braun- He is super tall, cute and lovable! His next project is a remake of Poltergeist 

Nicholas Braun

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Playboys Don’t Make Good Boyfriends/Husbands

Playboys Don’t Make Good Boyfriends/Husbands

           That statement is so dumb, you almost want to choke me through your computer screen, but you know what is even sillier? There is a significant amount of women that FAIL to realize this! I will let you in on a tiny secret…shhh do not tell anyone, but a tiger can’t change their stripes, and a playboy cannot tame his vindictive ways. I truly believe some humans are not meant to be monogamous, and there is nothing wrong with this. The problem is many, many females fall madly in love with men that will never be faithful to them. No matter how much he promises you the world, or claims he loves you to the moon and back, and will not cheat, he is full of shit, and is just manipulating you. Playboys are usually charming, attractive, successful, and charismatic, basically a recipe for a fucking disaster. Ladies, these types of men are going to cheat, and do not bitch when they do, because usually there is always tons of radar signs, you just have to get your head out of the clouds, and are not paying any attention!


He admitted to cheating before, however he had ridiculous excuses for his behavior.

He brags and always toots his own horn a lot.

He likes to flirt with other girls directly in front of your face.

He always takes a long time to respond to your texts.

If you’re cool with having a casual, or an open relationship then these types of men are okay, but if you want something exclusive run for the hills.

The Boy Next Door Review

I saw The Boy Next Door and it was rather creepy and disturbing, but it did show off Jlo’s awesome body. The woman  does not age. She is flawless; she is my ultimate girl crush. I know she is a royal bitch in person, but on the silver screen I cannot help, but love her! Her body is amazing, and the director knew how to show it off. She is in tip top shape, and rocks any skin tight outfit she wears, but anyways enough about Jlo’s rockin bod.

The movie was predictable. Everything in it has been done. The cheating husband gets redeemed in the end, the monster gets killed, but manages to kill one good character, the villain screwed with a bunch of car breaks in an attempt to kill, and the younger man seducing the older woman…done. 

I have to say that  Ryan Guzman played a great psychopath; his character needed to be admitted to a mental institution ASAP. The character was strange, angry and believed he had a relationship with Jennifer’s character, however it only existed inside of his head. Guzman also has a great physique  which was flaunted throughout the entire film.

Guess what? The sex and washboard abs could not save this film from sucking. The entire film was too predictable, I am guessing JLo did not receive a hefty paycheck, because the film’s total cost to make was $4,000,000. :(. The dialogue was also terrible, the cheesy lines, the terrible come backs, and any attempt that Kristen Chenoweth’s character made at being funny was just awful. 

Save your money and watch the sex scenes on YouTube 🙂


Sappy Stuff

1. Karma is an asshole, period end of story. People who are dickheads in life always get some sort of rude awakening.

2. When the game is over the king and the pawn go back into the same box. We all want to be the best we can be, and strive to get to the top of the ladder (including myself), but keep in mind you are no better than anyone else, and in the end we all end up worm food.

3. Don’t waste your time working a job you hate. There is another job out there that can pay your bills. 

4. Be innovative and always thinks differently.

5. Don’t marry someone because you want a damn wedding. Marriage is not a big fancy party; you should marry someone you can’t live without.

6. Some people are not going to like you; its part of life.

7. Some people are going to be envious, or intimidated by you. Take it as a compliment, because its not worth any sort of a headache.

8. Never sacrifice your morals for money.

Different Types of Idiots You WILL Come Across In Your Lifetime

Happy Tuesday Folks :D.

Today, I am going to be writing about idiots, because they are an awesome subject for blog writing. If you can’t beat em then write about em.

#1. The Know It All Idiot- This type of idiot is convinced they are an expert in every fucking aspect of life. You name the subject, and they have all of the information.

#2. The Idiot That Does Not Know How to Google Shit- If you have a question, or need to figure out how to do something, you need to Google it, that bitch knows everything, and her side kick YouTube will show you everything! There are STILL some idiots that act helpless, and cannot seem to grasp the idea of figuring out stuff for yourself. 

#3. The Idiot That Likes To Call Other People Dumb- These are my favorite kinds of idiots, because they are the most harmless.

#4. The Lazy Idiot- I fucking hate these folks, because they are already dumb, they shouldn’t have the option of being lazy too!

#5. Pretty Idiots- Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine, because your looks come with an expiration date. 

I know there is more, but you know I didn’t want you reading my blog post until you’re old and gray 🙂

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