You Wanna Pin Shit & Plan a Party, You Have ZERO Interest in a Marriage!

I think marriage is a huge stepping stone in everyone’s life, because you are potentially committing to one person until the grim reaper decides to take one of you. You are vowing to love one another through thick, and thin, and when times get financially tough. The world is not all sunshine, and rainbows, and neither is any relationship. Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is tough. Marriage is chaotic. Marriage is saying I am going to support this person, and accept their negative qualities FOREVER! Marriage is not a fucking wedding! I think so many people these days want to get married to have a damn wedding, and pin shit on Pinterest. Then the honeymoon ends, and they’re like “what do we do now?” I am bored, or they realize they settled for their spouse because of the pressure from social media and the desire to have an expensive party. I will never settle with marriage, sorry not sorry, but I think settling is the easy way out, and I’m a difficult pain in the ass. I would be so miserable ending up with someone I am not crazy about, because of a stupid desire to plan a party. When it comes to tying the knot, I am going to tie it with the right fucking dude who meets all of my standards. I will walk down the aisle with my best-friend, and not some guy in a tux that was willing to buy me a ring, because I know better than that!


6 thoughts on “You Wanna Pin Shit & Plan a Party, You Have ZERO Interest in a Marriage!

  1. I married someone who, above all others, I enjoy being with no matter what we’re doing — vacation, grocery shopping, watching Netflix, parenting our kids or waiting outside the school to pick them up after a dance. When something happens — great or terrible — she’s the first person I want to share it with because the great things seem greater, and the terrible things not so bad.

    And yes, it was worth the wait… 😉

  2. I just wanted to say I 100% agree with you.

    I happened to get married long before my peers were even thinking in that direction. When I married, it was minimal. We didn’t have a party, but I knew and still know I wasn’t marrying for the giant party. That’s what we wanted. It was deliberate.

    Now that everyone is getting married and pinning and planning these giant, expensive, crazy-fests a little part of my pangs with regret and envy – then I take a step back and remind myself that those feelings aren’t coming from me. I believe It’s the social pressure mixed with the implications that I “missed out” on foregoing the event style wedding. The “me too-ness”/group mentality of social norms are a bi*tch, and it makes me sick and angry.

    While I’m happy everyone else is planning and paying for the wedding of their dreams, I’m still working on resisting feeling like I’m less than because I didn’t go the way of normal wedding expectations. Not gonna lie – I’d love to see those people get past the now what stage after the party’s over – then come and talk to me.

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