MCM’S Talented Actors!!

This week’s MCMS are dedicated to a bunch of very talented actors!

1. Colin Hanks- He has appeared on television shows such as Bad Teacher, NCIS, and Fargo. His next project to be released is Elvis & Nixon.

Colin Hanks

#2. Daniel Franzese- Sure, you may know him as Damien from Mean Girls, but he is so much more than that! He is insanely funny, and talented. He had a YouTube video Shit Italian Moms Say go viral, and he is currently on HBO’s show Looking.

Daniel Franzese

#3 Dylan McDermott is probably the sexiest man on television. He has one hefty resume; he has been on television shows like American Horror Story, The Practice and Hostages.

dylan mcdermott

#4 Nicholas Braun- He is super tall, cute and lovable! His next project is a remake of Poltergeist 

Nicholas Braun

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