Playboys Don’t Make Good Boyfriends/Husbands

Playboys Don’t Make Good Boyfriends/Husbands

           That statement is so dumb, you almost want to choke me through your computer screen, but you know what is even sillier? There is a significant amount of women that FAIL to realize this! I will let you in on a tiny secret…shhh do not tell anyone, but a tiger can’t change their stripes, and a playboy cannot tame his vindictive ways. I truly believe some humans are not meant to be monogamous, and there is nothing wrong with this. The problem is many, many females fall madly in love with men that will never be faithful to them. No matter how much he promises you the world, or claims he loves you to the moon and back, and will not cheat, he is full of shit, and is just manipulating you. Playboys are usually charming, attractive, successful, and charismatic, basically a recipe for a fucking disaster. Ladies, these types of men are going to cheat, and do not bitch when they do, because usually there is always tons of radar signs, you just have to get your head out of the clouds, and are not paying any attention!


He admitted to cheating before, however he had ridiculous excuses for his behavior.

He brags and always toots his own horn a lot.

He likes to flirt with other girls directly in front of your face.

He always takes a long time to respond to your texts.

If you’re cool with having a casual, or an open relationship then these types of men are okay, but if you want something exclusive run for the hills.


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