Different Types of Idiots You WILL Come Across In Your Lifetime

Happy Tuesday Folks :D.

Today, I am going to be writing about idiots, because they are an awesome subject for blog writing. If you can’t beat em then write about em.

#1. The Know It All Idiot- This type of idiot is convinced they are an expert in every fucking aspect of life. You name the subject, and they have all of the information.

#2. The Idiot That Does Not Know How to Google Shit- If you have a question, or need to figure out how to do something, you need to Google it, that bitch knows everything, and her side kick YouTube will show you everything! There are STILL some idiots that act helpless, and cannot seem to grasp the idea of figuring out stuff for yourself. 

#3. The Idiot That Likes To Call Other People Dumb- These are my favorite kinds of idiots, because they are the most harmless.

#4. The Lazy Idiot- I fucking hate these folks, because they are already dumb, they shouldn’t have the option of being lazy too!

#5. Pretty Idiots- Wake up and smell the coffee sunshine, because your looks come with an expiration date. 

I know there is more, but you know I didn’t want you reading my blog post until you’re old and gray 🙂

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