Cheeerrrrssssss To ALL My Sass Monsters

WTF is a sass monster?

Answer: Someone who is blunt, down to earth, never two faced, and not afraid to release their inner sasssssss!

I am a sass monster. I have been told I am an “abrasive, acquired taste”, and it is true I am. I have an incredibly strong, aggressive personality, and occasionally my big mouth gets me into trouble :). I am also unapologetic about who I am, because I have this gut feeling that my strong personality is going to get me very far in life!

Types of people sass monsters cant get along with.

1. Sensitive rude people. If you can dish it your ass better learn how to take it.

2. Ignorant morons that think they’re incredibly smart. The only awesome thing about these types of people is they make awesome content for blog writing and jokes. If you cant get rid of them why not laugh at them?

3. Hypocrites. Please do not reprimand me for something you also do, and then comprise some dipshit excuse validating why it is okay for you to do it. 

4. Brickwalls. Mhm, Have you ever met anyone that’s like talking to a brick wall? Brickwalls make life suck.

Love to all my sass monsters…..tweet me @jaclynashley79


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