You Wanna Pin Shit & Plan a Party, You Have ZERO Interest in a Marriage!

I think marriage is a huge stepping stone in everyone’s life, because you are potentially committing to one person until the grim reaper decides to take one of you. You are vowing to love one another through thick, and thin, and when times get financially tough. The world is not all sunshine, and rainbows, and neither is any relationship. Marriage is a commitment. Marriage is tough. Marriage is chaotic. Marriage is saying I am going to support this person, and accept their negative qualities FOREVER! Marriage is not a fucking wedding! I think so many people these days want to get married to have a damn wedding, and pin shit on Pinterest. Then the honeymoon ends, and they’re like “what do we do now?” I am bored, or they realize they settled for their spouse because of the pressure from social media and the desire to have an expensive party. I will never settle with marriage, sorry not sorry, but I think settling is the easy way out, and I’m a difficult pain in the ass. I would be so miserable ending up with someone I am not crazy about, because of a stupid desire to plan a party. When it comes to tying the knot, I am going to tie it with the right fucking dude who meets all of my standards. I will walk down the aisle with my best-friend, and not some guy in a tux that was willing to buy me a ring, because I know better than that!


Unapologetic Snark- Ep 2- 50 Shades of Clinton!


Virgins, Sex and 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey finally made its way into a theater near your ass this weekend, and so far it is getting terrible reviews (shocker there), and I have not seen the film yet, however it does spark my interest. I want to see how far conservative Tinseltown went with the steamy sex scenes. I only read the first 100 pages of the book, and it was months ago, I had to stop, because I found it rather annoying, and completely unrealistic. I understand we all have fantasies, but I just don’t like ridiculous fantasies when it comes down to sex.

In the book, the sex crazed maniac, Christian Grey falls for the innocent, virginal, Anastasia Steele (how original *cough*) and from what I read he became obsessed. He was pretty much a stalker, but because he that slim body, a bunch of zeros in his bank account, and skinny fingers it was okay for him to be a total creeper. She was so happy that he was giving her all this attention, therefore the fact that he might be a crazy serial killer or something never even crossed her mind. 

Christian lusts after her innocence. Most men want a virginal innocent female they can teach, and a more sexually experienced one they learn from. In my opinion, I believe this is an enormous issue not only with this book, but in life in general. I think American society is still conservative, and just a wee bit backwards. Women are supposed to look sexual, and be sexy, but they cant be too sexually experienced, or have had too many partners, because it makes them a “whore”. Christian is chasing after someone who is very different from him. The same way many sexually experienced men chase after virginal, or more innocent girls in hopes of finding a more stable relationship. I think some men have this theory in their minds that a girl who has had little, or no sex partners will be a more suitable wife/girlfriend. They see the experienced girl as a recipe for disaster, or maybe they don’t think they can bring her home to their mama. I think this is a bad move. Sex is an important part of a relationship, and if your partner is much less experienced than you it could be an issue. They could potentially bore you, and you know what happens when someone gets sexually bored, or frustrated they’re more inclined to cheat, because they have the emotional connection with someone, but go out and get the good sex elsewhere. It’s a selfish move, but it happens all the time.

To the people who have completed this book, what are your thoughts about the whole freak chasing after the virgin concept?

Stuff I <3

In honor of V-day…Here’s stuff I ❤

  1. Feeling dehydrated, then drinking water, and having to piss  every five minutes afterwards.
  2. When people take forever to go through a stop light, because they’re too busy texting.
  3. When guys refuse to get haircuts; I just love unkept hair, because it makes me want to grow a bush.
  4. When random people bitch to me; it makes me feel rather intelligent, who knew I had the brains to be a shrink?
  5. Going into a public bathroom that does not have any toilet paper left.
  6. Waiting in lines, because it tests my patience.
  7. Guys that smother you when they’re kissing you.
  8. Split ends, because they’re such a distraction.
  9. Pinterest, because I dig looking at photos of crafts, and DIY stuff that I can totally DM.
  10. Nancy Grace, because she is so informative and knows everything.

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Are They Really THAT Talented?

Everybody seems to adore Queen B, and by the queen I mean Beyonce aka Sasha Fierce! She is beautiful, a wonderful performer, and has sold millions of records. Not to mention she me makes up half of one of the “it” power couples in Tinseltown, but is she really that talented? She does not write her own lyrics; she does not play any instruments, and her acting ability is okay. I am not implying she lacks talent, but what I am stating is….she really that talented? 

Britney Spears has been famous since I was 10!!!!!! She has sold out tours, been the primary subject for media outlets on a regular basis, acquired a huge fan  base that continues to support her, and sold millions of records, but is she really that talented? In my opinion, Ms. Spears is the product of excellent marketing, and pure luck, because when Ms. Baby One More Time stepped onto the music scene, there was no female competition. She paved the way for a new era of bubble gum pop female singers, and the marketing geniuses behind Jive knew that selling her as an innocent sex kitten would help cultivate a pop sensation, and it worked! She had that innocent girl next door face on a perfectly sculpted sexy body, and she could shake her ass. Back in the day, Spears could put on a performance, but her voice has always been so, so…and she also does not write her own lyrics, or play any instruments, or act well, or write, or choreograph her own dance moves, so again is she really that talented?

I love Madonna, because she is a tough bitch who knew exactly what she wanted, and went out and achieved it, but she really that talented? Her voice is okay..have you listened to any of her performances from her Blonde Ambition tour? I think Madonna is a trendsetter, and knew how to use controversy and sex to keep herself relevant. She also has a great “image” which I am sure was created by her record label, and producers. Her image is constantly being redone, and this is a great move, because it maintains the brand and fame. Madonna could never let go of her fame; it is like her child.

What do you think…are they really that talented? Comments are always appreciated 🙂 & tell me an artist you think is DEFINITELY talented!