Snarky Confessions

In the words of USHHERRRRRRR these are myyyyyy confessionsssssssssss well some of them at least :/

#1. I hate stupid people, but sometimes I wish I was dumb. Stupid people are typically happy and don’t have high expectations for their lives. They are also easily pleased.

#2. I think most men are good, but I think most women tend to fall for the shitty ones, and after the age of 25 if you’re taste in men is still horrible its your own fault. 

#3. I don’t feel sorry for alot of people, because most of them whine instead of getting shit done.

#4. Many people don’t achieve their goals because they’re too busy talking about them and not doing. 

#5. I hate most cops. I think they’e pompous pricks with power issues. 

#6. I think most women have jealousy issues , but I think men are just as bad.

#7. I think all people freak the fuck out when they realize their youth is in the past, but they shouldn’t they made it this far..some people die young.

What are some of your confessions??


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